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No matter where you are in Downtown Middleton, you are no more than one short block away from a parking lot or parking garage!  Street parking is widely available, although mostly limited to two hours at a time.  Note: Terrace Avenue does not have a time limit. There are five city parking lots with varying parking limits. Parking is typically enforced 8am-6pm, except on Sundays and holidays.


Municipal Parking Lots

  1. 7438 Hubbard Avenue (west of City Hall) - 4 hour parking limit

  2. 7429 Hubbard Avenue (west of the library) - 2 hour parking limit

  3. 7428 Terrace Avenue (behind the library) - 24 hour parking limit

    • This location is equipped with Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

  4. 7600 University Ave (next to Fire Station #1) - 24 hour parking limit

  5. 7701 Terrace Avenue (Quarry Park)


Middleton Center Parking Lots for Middleton Center residents and customers of Middleton Center businesses

  1.   Middleton Center East - enter off Parmenter St

  2.   Middleton Center North - enter off Elmwood St

Cayuga Court Parking Lots - are open to customers for free parking during business hours 

BMO Harris parking lot is available after 5pm

VA Municipal Parking Lot, 7905 Terrace Avenue is available after 5pm on weekdays and all day on weekends

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